I, Monish Sanjay Suri, S/o Late B.N. Suri aged 29 years residing at P-4, Malviya Nagar, New Delhi – 110017 do hereby solemnly affirm and state as under:
1) On the evening of November 1, I went to Gurdwara Rakab Ganj about 4 PM on haring of trouble there. I was assigned to go there because I am a staff reporter with the Indian Express. I had been there for a short while when I saw Mr. Gautam Kaul, then Additional Commissioner of Police, New Delhi range standing to a side
2) Outside the gurdwara I saw a crowd of about 4,000 men led by Congress-I leader Kamal Nath. At the time I went there the crowd was on the road. Some were making weak attempts to enter the Gurdwara, but the Congress-I M.P. and other leaders of the same party who were with him were keeping them under some control
3) I learnt that earlier in the day there had not been such control, and that the mob had tried to enter the gurdwara. They retracted when some men fired from within the Gurdwara. After that at least two Sikhs outside the Gurdwara were lynched by the mob. When I reached there I saw the bodies of two men, both Sikhs, still burning on the roadside. There were rumours that four non-Sikhs had been burnt inside the Gurdwara, but the police said they had entered the Gurdawara, searched every place but found no hostages or bodies
4) As is evident from television shots that day, Mr. Gautam Kaul was conducting mourners at Teen Murti house when firing, killing and burning was taking place close by in the area under his charge. When he did come, he stood to a side without making any efforts to check the crowd. Leaders of the crowd seemed fully in charge. At one point a group charged towards the Gurdwara gate to a side near which Mr. Kaul stood. But seeing them he retreated instead of checking them. The police officer was obviously a passive spectator to commands by Congress-I leaders